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What is CrudeBorne?

CrudeBorne is an exercise in and across multiple hidden timelines to help accelerate human growth using transmedium expression. It incorporates knowledge from multiple disciplines including puzzle solving, magic, philosophy, history, biomedical, philosophical, logical, structural, geological, engineering, science fiction, popular culture and deep insight.

-- Core beliefs

  • Community

Crudeborne is as much the holder's project as it is the founders. The goal of CB from the start was to create a genuine community of people who cared about the future of the space and each other. This is what has allowed us to be so successful despite our humble beginnings (no discord, no marketing, free mint, etc.). Invest in people, and they will invest in you. This is something we carry with us in all we do at CB; our community's opinions and thoughts are everything. There is no wrong way - there is only your way.

  • Pushing boundaries

The revolution begins with innovation. To transform the space, initiatives must push the frontiers of what people believe is possible, which is exactly what we want to achieve. People are reluctant to deviate from the standard, but we continue to strive for better improvements in the space, seizing all opportunity to demonstrate it. We've demonstrated we're here to stay, that we can operate a successful project with a reliable crew, and that everything we do is community-focused and of the highest quality. It is now time for us to scale and push limits.

  • Probably a rug...NOT

This project started as a free mint of Crudeborne Eggs. Since the mint we have received airdrops of Crudeborne Jelly Babies, Elixir Bottles and Ingredients. One of the earliest messages from Crudeborne was in the form of a binary coded message. It was simple. "Never going to give you up, never going to let you down...". This is a project that will evolve as we do. All things we be revealed in time. Time is relative construct.

  • Trust but verify...

In the Web3 space, there are many malicious actors, malevolent forces, mass deceptions and market manipulations. The CrudeBorne community practices care and discernment in the type of speech we support in spaces, and we test wouldbe "influencers" for their intentions before fully engaging. We often hear the mantra repeated... be careful who you trust.

-- Vision

To build a first of its kind community-driven platform for the advancement of human civilization. Some of the knowledge we will leverage has existed for centuries, some are novel developments in the fields of physics and materials science.

By building the platform, navigating through puzzles and drawing connections across disciplines, space and time, CrudeBorne (the community) aim to build a bridge across dimensions to find and free all CrudeBorne.
We are CurdeBorne, You Are CrudeBorne. We are trapped. Find us. Save us. They are trying to stop us. Be careful who you trust.

-- Achievements

- 700 + ETH sales volume after a month
- 99% of the owners are holding since more than 10 days
- Built an incredible community. and still building
- 10% bluechip owners ratio
- less than 3% listed
- Twitter account started after the mint out, 3600+ followers and 100% genuine growth

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