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  • 0xB3e4...3343 Apr 2, 2022
    Should Loie become an Elder of the Dawn Embassy?
  • LuukDAO Mar 9, 2022
    Do we want to experiment with individual The DAOist Membership Badges?

    Fellow DAOists,

    I would like to get feedback for an idea I've been circling around for some time and would like to test out for GGG 22.

    The idea would be to offer The DAOist Membership NFTs - somewhat comparable to Embassies & Ministries - but for individuals. This way we can pro...

  • 0xaAA1...8050 Feb 4, 2022
    Do we allow dogs in the Kat Kingdom?
  • 0x0F33...7dba Feb 4, 2022
    Can we do Christmas POAPs, please?
  • Elco Feb 4, 2022
    Embassy should be practical urban office or naturey retreat?
  • Elco Feb 2, 2022
    Is this already working with Mainnet tokens?
  • Elco Feb 2, 2022
    Are desktop pcs full of leds and stuff dumb as fuck?
  • 0x8906...A6d9 Feb 2, 2022
    (^-人-^) Rebrand The DAOist to The KATist
  • 0xE535...5B2f Feb 2, 2022
    Should the Katist have a metaverse HQ/clubhouse?
  • Guil Feb 2, 2022
    How much $MILK tokens to the cool Kats?