[VOT] Complete onboarding of the BR crypto community into the Nervos ecosystem.
Feb 14, 2023

Wallet Adress to receive the grants: ckb1qzda0cr08m85hc8jlnfp3zer7xulejywt49kt2rr0vthywaa50xwsqwsgzk0mnulwdcpary0mcfp45pdd88swyq9mg8ra

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  • Why
  • Budget


  • Fund storage

Imagine a community dedicated to educating people from scratch and guiding them in the web3 universe, introducing them to the concept and showing them every possibility, a community that makes the person want to participate and build something with what they can.

This is 12web3, a community that takes you from 0 to web3, without obstacles and without detours.


We want to inspire people to feel part of building the future of cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in Brazil are on the rise, Brazilians ranked 7th in the “global crypto adoption 2022” study conducted by Chain Analysis. However, when we look at the path we've already traveled, we realize how difficult it is to navigate this universe without a trusted friend to help or without a welcoming community that allows new members. With a barrage of information that is haphazard and often only available in English, it's easy to feel lost and aimless. That's why we want to offer solutions to make access to knowledge about the Nervos network easier and more accessible, producing and translating relevant content about Nervos, since all available content about the Nervos network is in English. And, nowadays, only 5% of the Brazilian population understands the English language.

Why Us?

Marcos Lustosa (Linkedin) - Marketing and innovation professional, cryptocurrency enthusiast and Japanese descendant.

“I always liked technology and started my career in the digital environment when digital marketing was still in its infancy. In 2017, I started at a digital marketing agency and fell in love with the area, I started to walk my path there, always looking for and learning from the most diverse influences and spaces.

In 2014 I had my 1st contact with Bitcoin, but it was only in 2019 that I actually started to invest in this wonderful market that I am completely passionate about today.

Nowadays, I work in the marketing of a crypto asset broker, CoinEx, which is part of the ViaBTC Group. But I also work as community manager and B2B relations at metabar, the first bar with the metaverse concept in Brazil, where I hold monthly meetings with enthusiasts, builders and web3 influencers.

Larissa Barros (Linkedin)- I started in the crypto market quite by chance, in the area of ​​NFT Games, I met through a friend who played Axie Infinity, I was impressed with the possibility of playing and being rewarded for that, soon I found out about other games and I was attracted for buying and selling launch tokens.

I caught some good releases that made me a profit even with the little money I had, that made me want to participate in all of them or at least stay on top of what was happening, that's when I decided to create a schedule to organize myself with the dates and times of the releases . It worked so well for me that I decided to open it to everyone in the crypto market, thus the Agenda Crypto channel was born.

Every day that passed, the more I wanted to know how the market worked as a whole, I started to study, I finally understood what Bitcoin was and I fell in love again, then I understood what blockchain was and another boom happened in my head and to close I visualized the unique opportunity that is web3.

About 12WEB3

We met at a crypto event and after a few months we decided to start 12web3.

Our first action with 12web3 was to hold an online event with guests who already work in web3, where they told us all about their professional experience in web3 and where anyone can start.

Then we began some in-person workshops in favelas in Rio de Janeiro, which helped us to improve our dialogue with people who have no idea what web3 is. Some of the workshops we produced.

Some of the workshops we produced:


Events that we are speaked 

City of future (event of Governament of San Paulo) 

We are currently structuring our YouTube channel with a didactic knowledge track that caters to those who know nothing about web3 to the most advanced members of the community. And we want to create a dedicated track for the Nervos network, teaching everything from what the network is, what it's used for, how to buy and create NFTs, and how to develop DAPs on it. 

We will also create an area on our Discord dedicated to guiding our community with content in Portuguese. We will take anyone who has never heard of Nervos and make them enter the blockchain and appreciate all the wonderful possibilities that this network gives us. 

We will also hold in-person educational events with a focus on strengthening the community. We want to do this now because as a CKB holder, I believe in the project and want to show the benefits of the network in practice, not just for people to buy the token for speculation but so that they can effectively participate in this environment. In Brazil, at the moment we only have speculation content on the CKB token, lacking the didactic depth.

The budget

This budget will be used to pay for the structure (paid promotion), video editor, designer, content creators, event location, food and drinks for the event, and Nervos promotional materials (stickers, banners and shirts). The work will be completed over a period of 3 months, with live events from the 2rd month.

The budget for this project is 2.072324,96 CKB / 7k USD.

The roadmap for this project includes:

  • Launch of the Nervos playlist with 1 video per week.
  • Paid promotion
  • Start of marketing activities and presentations in communities
  • Online event with special guests and builders.
  • 1st Nervos BR community event in Rio de Janeiro and another in São Paulo.

The main objective is to bring to the crypto community in Brazil the knowledge, tools and resources to fully understand and participate in the Nervos ecosystem. The community will be able to understand the Nervos network, it's use cases, how to buy and create NFTs, and how to develop DAPs on it. The events will be a great opportunity for the community to interact with other community members and experts in the field.


Budget for payment of the structure (paid boost), Video editor, designer, content creators, event location, food for the event, Nervos publicity material (stickers, banners and blouses)
The work will be carried out for 3 months with face-to-face events starting in the 2nd month.

Financial plan:

We will hold an event/meet up with a cost of $4.7k for the crypto/blockchain community in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to present and promote Nervos, in this community will be present content producers, investors, entrepreneurs and web3 builders

We will create Communication Materials to engage the event's audience, we will make t-shirts, stickers with logo and memes, design for social media (post, infographics, etc.) and Banner roll-up with Nervos' differentials.

In addition to the communication material, the event will be covered by Agenda Crypto, which is a partnership with the international news portal BeinCrypto. Apart from BeinCrypto, we will publish 1 release about Nervos and the event on news portals such as Criptonizando, Criptofácil, Web3News and BitcoinBlock.

Total cost for event: $4.7k

Video Production
We will produce 1 video* per week about Nervos, including project presentation, navigating within the ecosystem, presentation of projects developed at Nervos, Tutorials and project updates.
To produce this content we will have a cost of $1,500, of which $500 with the editor and $1,000 for paid traffic (Google ADS)
*These videos will be available to Nervos, if they want to use them.

Total cost $1,500

Marketing Activities
CBK Airdrops (using gleam to ask participants to join the community and follow social media)
Competitions, such as MEME competitions, community invites (member get member),
Disclosure in authorized communities + presentation of Nervos via audio chat.
Communities and DAO’s we have access to:
-Web3Dev (link)
-EVE NFT (link)
-Bankless DAO (link)
-NousBR (link)
-Rio Cripto Hub (link)
-DescentraEduca (link)
-Comunidade Agenda Crypto (link)
-Comunidade Confraria Web3 (link)

Total $700

CoinEx community AMA session (Larissa representing Nervos)
As CKB is a token that is listed on the CoinEx brokerage and Marcos Lustosa works in marketing for CoinEx, a company of the ViaBTC group. We can hold an AMA session in the community that has more than 11,000 members on the broker's Telegram.

Without cost

Budget for tests
We will dedicate $200 of Budget to use in the videos and really show the utilities and how to build the nerve network

Total budget: $7k

Fund storage

Funds will be converted into stablecoin to hedge against volatility. A wallet like metamask or trust wallet will be used and all addresses will be publicly available.

Excess funds will be held in reserve to be used in the coming months to increase content and actions in communities.

The accounts and financial statement will be completed at the end of the three month period for transparency and accountability.

Disclaimer: Our aim is to provide information through content and AMAs sessions, and allow a better understanding of Nervos in the Brazilian crypto community. We do not recommend any type of investment.







我们将举办一次成本为$ 4.7k的加密/区块链社区活动,该社区将在圣保罗和里约热内卢举行,旨在展示和推广Nervos,其中将包含内容制作人、投资者、企业家和web3构建者。

除了沟通材料外,活动还将由Agenda Crypto覆盖,这是与国际新闻门户BeinCrypto的合作。除了BeinCrypto以外,我们还将在Criptonizando、Criptofácil、Web3News和BitcoinBlock等新闻门户上发布有关Nervos和活动的1条新闻。

活动总成本:$ 4.7k

制作这些内容的成本为1,500美元,其中500美元用于编辑,1,000美元用于付费流量(Google ADS)。




-Web3Dev (link)
-EVE NFT (link)
-Bankless DAO (link)
-NousBR (link)
-Rio Cripto Hub (link)
-DescentraEduca (link)
-Comunidade Agenda Crypto (link)
-Comunidade Confraria Web3 (link)


因为CKB是CoinEx经纪公司上市的代币,Marcos Lustosa是CoinEx(ViaBTC集团公司)的营销人员,所以我们可以在该经纪公司的Telegram社区中举行AMA会议,该社区的成员数超过11,000人。





资金将被转换为稳定币以对冲波动。将使用Metamask或Trust Wallet等钱包,所有地址将公开。



[VOT]Complete onboarding of the BR crypto community into the Nervos ecosystem.
Total Votes: 13,196,090
Voting Closed
6.01% (793,500)
93.99% (12,402,590)
Minimum number of votes
Votes required to pass
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JPDFeb 16, 2023

My voting bias is for groups who have a visible history for contributing to the Nervos community and/or has a track record of making meaningful outcomes. Before I vote, I have a question. I saw you had a proposal on the Harmony One coin last year. How successful was this proposal?


Metrics for success for the first year:
1 full operational website;
10.000 active members on our Telegram;
10.000 followers on our social media channels;
5 physical headquarters;
10 project partnerships;
NFT 100 piece art collection by favela artists;
Project face-to-face event, 50 - 100 people;
Staking for the partner investor

JackyLHHFeb 16, 2023

I'm also interested in the outcome of their proposal on the Harmony forum. I have removed my votes and will vote again when there is a response. 

DigitalDoyleFeb 16, 2023

Appreciate your efforts in performing some additional due diligence and sharing with the community. Thanks!
It is possible i am incorrect or misunderstanding but following the link the proposal was funded but there are no subsequent updates or accounting for the use of funds?

感谢您在执行一些额外的尽职调查和与社区分享方面所做的努力。 谢谢!


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12web3Feb 16, 2023

yes, i submitted this proposal to harmony last year. The grant was approved for this proposal, but I never received the tokens, there was a problem sending them to Binance that I still don't know what it was and we couldn't touch that money, unfortunately, as it would have helped many people. It was a social project, I didn't give up, I went after an NGO to help them connect with web3 and change lives, we did some web3 events there and in other communities, without a real one from anyone. Today I participate in the social nucleus web3 in Rio de Janeiro, this was the result of the proposal I made to harmony, I have no doubt that if I had received money I would have done exactly what I proposed, as I did not receive it, I continue to help and get involved as I can. today I work as a web3 coordinator at Favela inc I managed to connect them with the social arm of poligon and they will be Polygon's second TechHouse in Brazil, this idea came up in the event that I held at favela-inc as you can see in the image above, the first TechHouse is in chapadão, the community where the Educar+ ong founded by Carol Santos who was one of the speakers that day is located, this happened because I managed to get the director of polygon's social arm to go up the hill.

12web3Feb 16, 2023

Another project that I participate in that received a grant from Hamony at the time of ethereum Rio, was the Rio Crypto Hub, which practically united the crypto community in Rio de Janeiro, we held monthly events with the support of several companies, we recently opened the Sp crypto hub in São Paulo and the SC crypto hub in Santa Catarina, are monthly meet ups and happy hours, if today I have a monthly place to talk about crypto with other people who understand it is thanks to this project.

12web3Feb 16, 2023

I started in crypto in September 2021 at nft games, Marcos, who is my partner in this project, started in 2019. In December 2021 I created the crypto agenda, initially it was a trello with the days and times of game token releases. Today it is a reference in the search for crypto events, I created the website www.agendacrypto.com.br which has been growing month by month, in it you can find events in Brazil and the World, we also cover events live on our instagram , and we publish articles about the events in news channels, this project of mine never received help from anyone, all we earned to carry them out was through service sales.

12web3Feb 16, 2023

I know it might be hard to believe that I've never seen the harmony grant money, this is the only print I have, Sabrina saying we hadn't received it yet (attach in the next comment)

12web3Feb 16, 2023

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JPDFeb 16, 2023

It looks like this is the address from that wallet in the screenshot and the explorer says the transaction was successful? Correct me if I'm wrong.

It's sending out 66666 ONE ($8.102.06) to Binance on April 14th, 2022:

The explorer link also shows the correct wallet address on your screenshot on the execTransaction function (see screenshot):

I'm a bit confused

JPDFeb 16, 2023

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