Discord Tipping and Withdraw
Apr 28, 2022

Using Metaforo bot to tip your members in your discord channel.

Add Metaforo Bot

To support Discord Tipping and Withdraw, you will need to add Metaforo bot to your Discord Sever. This can be done by the Discord Server Owner only.

Visit Metaforo Bot invite links and Choose a server where you want to add Metaforo Bot.

Added successfully, your Discord server now supports member tipping

Metaforo Bot supports 5 commands:

$tip @username <amount> <Token symbol>
$balance <Token symbol>
$luckydraw <time> <amount> <Token symbol> <participants> 

Tipping in Discord via Metaforo bot.

Metaforo bot supports SOS and AR tipping for Erc20 tokens for now. SPL token Tipping is coming soon.
ERC20 tokens are transferred via Everpay.io L2 layer. For more information, check this out.

How to connect my metaforo wallet with my discord channel to get ready to send and receive tipping.

Login to Metaforo.io through Metamask

Go to Metaforo Wallet through the menu drop down menu by clicking on the profile Avatar. 

Connect your Metaforo account with a Discord account

How do I fund my Metamask wallet to do the tipping in my discord server?

You will transfer the tokens from your metamask wallet to everpay.io, then move them to your Metaforo wallet
Transfer tokens from Metamask wallet to your everPay account.

Move tokens from everpay.io to your Metaforo wallet.

Now try to Tip in your Discord channel

How can I withdraw my tokens?

To withdraw tokens, please go to metaforo.io/my/wallet.

Click 'everPay' and input the token amount you'd like to withdraw

The withdraw history will be updated under "Recent Transactions" on "My Wallet" page after withdraw successfully.

Click the transaction log to view details.

You'll be brought to everPay now because the tokens you withdrew are saved on everPay. Click on 'Wallet' in the dropdown menu under "Apps" on the withdraw detail page to get transaction details.

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