Discord Roles Mapping
Jun 15, 2022

Importing your members' roles from Discord to Metaforo

Granting Metaforo Role Bot the required permissions to sync your discord roles to Metaforo. Your members in Metaforo will be granted the same roles as they had in your discord servers. They just need to simply connect their Metaforo account to their Discord account.

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Next, this tutorial will show you how to use your Discord roles in Metaforo group.

Roles Mapping

This feature is currently under Beta testing. Please email us at [email protected] to enable this feature.

Right-click your Discord server icon, choose "Server Settings" then open to ''Widget'' page. Copy the Server ID and email it to us together with your Metaforo Group URL at [email protected], we will enable this Discord Role mapping feature for you. We will soon automate this process so you won't have to contact us by email anymore.

You'll be notified by email once this feature is enabled in your group. You'll then need to add the Metaforo bot to your Discord server in the next Step.

Visit Metaforo Bot invite links and choose a server where you want to add the Metaforo Bot to do the Role mapping for you.

Congratulations! Your Discord roles are now imported to Metaforo Group successfully.

Go to Metaforo Group settings>Extensions> Badges & Titles, you'll see a full role list there.

Group Admin can change the display order of the roles but can't edit them.

To add new custom Roles, the tutorial‘s here:
Non-fungible, NFT & POAP Badges and Titles

After Group admin imported users' roles into Metaforo. Individual users will need to connect their Metaforo account to their Discrod account to show their roles in Metaforo. Here is how.

Go to Metaforo profile

Click on the ''Connect to Discord'' button

Confirm and authorize

After successful Discord Connect, the users' imported roles will be displayed on the user's profile page and the topic page. Note, the imported roles are the roles that are in the Discrod servers that the group admin has connected to Metaforo.

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