Create "Lucky Draw" in Discord with Metaforo Bot
May 20, 2022

With this Bot, anyone in the selected Discord channel can create a lucky draw with the token of choice for members to win.

Visit Metaforo Bot invite links and choose a server where you want to add Metaforo Bot. Please ignore this step if you have added Metaforo bot to your discord server before.

Metaforo Bot supports peer-to peer tipping and lucky draw in Discord.

Read more about Tipping in Discord, please go to

Lucky Draw

Please make sure you have enough token balance in your Metaforo wallet, check it here:

How to transfer tokens to the Metaforo wallet when you don't have enough token balance to create a lucky draw?
Please follow is tutorial

Create a Lucky Draw in Discord.

Input $luckydraw command in the channel to create a "Lucky Draw" message. For example, $luckydraw 30s 0.05 USDT 5 would start a 30-second giveaway for a total prize of 0.05 USDT with 5 winners. Each one of the 5 winners will get a random percentage of the total prize by using a "celebrate" emoji to react to the message. 

The user reacts to the "Lucky Draw" message with the "celebrate" emoji to get a random award.

The winner's award is sent to the user's Metaforo wallet, visit your Metaforo Wallte to check.

As new users react to the Lucky Draw message, the winners and their rewards are updated in the Discord channel in real-time!

If a Lucky Draw message was not reacted to by enough users, in other words, not enough participants to win all the rewards, the balance of the lucky draw will go back to the lucky draw creator's Metaforo wallet after the lucky draw is expired.

The creator of the lucky draw will be notified when the lucky draw balance goes back to his/her account.

If you get any problems when using Metaforo bot, input $help in Discord channel.

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