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  • skincareApr 4, 2022
    Recommended facial care devices

    If you begin to notice signs of aging, such as loose facial lines, vertical pore size, and darkening of the laugh lines, we recommend that you use facial beauty tools. Beauty editor R Ei of 25ans thoroughly explains how to choose the latest facial equipm...

  • skincareApr 4, 2022
    3 Popular Facial Devices

    YA-MAN TOKYO JAPAN & L&L SKIN features recommended facial devices. We introduce recommended beauty appliances such as "MIO2 massager" and "Photo Plus," which are popular by word of mouth, all at once. Which one is best? For th...

  • skincareApr 4, 2022
    How to choose a Facial

    It is said to be a beauty powerhouse, and most of the skin care products and facial devices are commonly used to facilitate daily care! Facial devices are very popular in Korea and Japan, as they can be used to whiten and whiten the skin, improve facial ...