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  • cream
    General DiscussionsAug 1, 2022
    ETH 2.0

    What do you think about the merger of ETH? Where will ETH miners go?

  • yellowpeter
    TutorialsAug 1, 2022
    Program Information and Enrollment
    What can you do with Metaforo Badges?

    Badge token is your proof-of-early-adopter in Metaforo, and you will be able to showcase the badges in any Metaforo community as part of the built-in ...

  • dakouFeature RequestsAug 1, 2022

  • ChromikGeneral DiscussionsJul 19, 2022
    Everpay transfer failed

    When transferring AR from metaforo to EverPay an error occurs "Everpay transfer failed" . This error has been going on for a week now

  • BendDAODevGeneral DiscussionsJul 13, 2022
    how to config and use my custom subdomain for group?

    I want to use my custom subdomain for the group, but can not find the configuration, pls give guides.

  • xdaipunkTutorialsJun 29, 2022
    Metaforo 中文操作教程

    Metaforo 是一个 Web3 原生社区平台。Metaforo 专注于代币集成的 DAO 和 NFT 社区管理。它是管理您的加密社区的最佳首选平台,它也适用于任何类型的爱好者社区。

  • Andy
    TutorialsJun 18, 2022
    Creating your first Web3 community

    In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create your Metaforo group.
    Sign in with Email or Crypto Wallet

    Click "Get Started" and connect your crypto wallet. If you have Metamask wallet already installed, use Metamask, or you can use WalletConnect to use yo...

  • angyts.eth
    DAO Enthusiast
    Feature RequestsJun 15, 2022
    Look into your email system
  • DudeGeneral DiscussionsJun 14, 2022
    Custom domain

    Hello! We want to deploy a group on our own subdomain. How it's done here: I wrote to support with a request: [email protected] how long should I wait for a response? Thanks in advance :)

  • Hellen
    General DiscussionsJun 14, 2022
    The following issues arise when using the Arconnect wallet.