Introducing Metaforo POAP Badges

Metaforo Badges are a set of POAP badges, given to early adopters of Metaforo who help bootstrapping the communities in this project, with the possibility to convert the POAP tokens to Metaforo future governance tokens. You will be able to claim to Metaforo POAP badges if you are:

Community Owner

Migrating or Starting a Community in Metaforo

Community Manager

Setting Up Token Badges and Reward Scheme

Community Member

Starting New or Participating in a Discussion


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Available POAP Badges


Good job mate! You made us a bigger gang.


The seed has grown to a sprout! A friend you invited has built a buzzing group!


The group you invited has grown to more than 1000 members!


You helped build one of the biggest communities on Metaforo! It has more than 10,000 members.


The sprout has grown to a magnificent tree. The greatest community of all time is formed because of you.

Multiplying Your Airdrops
Maximize your Airdrops by sharing any Metaforo links - users who clicked your links and becoming members,
you will receive a portion of his token reward as well.
Sharing Metaforo
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Sharing a Topic
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