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Community Builders
Upgrade your forum to Web3
Seamlessly migrate all your content and users from Discourse to Metaforo and enjoy the Web3 forum instantly!
Build a dynamic forum
Everyone shares, discusses, votes, and works with one’s own web3 identity.
Grow your community
Customize token and NFT reward scheme to motivate members to participate.
Cultivate content
Peer recognition is empowered by peer to peer tipping, NFT gifting and on-chain lucky draws.
Community Members
Fair Moderation
Freedom of speech with decentralized moderation and governance.
Earn Rewards
Earn tokens from the community you contribute to.
Proof of Work
Receive NFTs that recognize your contribution to the community.
Merit-driven Social Network
View others’ Kudos badges, POAPs, Discord roles, and follow them on CyberConnect.
Crypto-Enabled Features
Full Suite of traditional online forum plus Web3 features, right out-of-the-box
Decisions get made by members, for members. Metaforo is the only community platform that supports quorum and quadratic token voting.
Keep Your Discord Members with On-chain Profiles
Metaforo Discord Bot can onboard members to your Metaforo Group and automatically generate the community graph for your community.
Token Gating
Control membership and content access based on token and NFT holdings.
Migrate Your Discourse Forum
Seamlessly migrate your existing Discourse Forum to Metaforo, and keep all the discussions, membership and meta-data.
One Stop Token Distribution
Manage your own community token - customize token reward, airdrop and on-chain governance to keep your members engaged.
Sign In With Discord and Crypto Wallets
Metaforo runs on Ethereum, Arweave and Solana network, and supports user sign in with Discord.
Scalable On-chain Social Network
Metaforo helps your community decentralize by storing the most important meta-data and content on-chain.
Invested and Trusted By
" This is super cool. A Web3 knowledge base, fully stored on Arweave. "
Sam Williams
Cofounder, CEO of Arweave
" If you are looking into DAO infrastructure on #Solana the guys at @realmetaforo are amazing to work with. Full of good spirits, always thinking of solutions, efficient. Incredible. "
" Would love to replace our Discourse with a web3 native forum and that looks like exactly what Metaforo is building. "
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