The Web3 way to run your DAO community
Metaforo is a Web3 native community platform. Metaforo focuses on DAO and NFT community management with token integration. It is the best go-to platform to manage your crypto community, and it works great as any kind of enthusiast community as well.
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Crypto Native
Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. We know what it's like to manage a DAO or NFT community and we are building the tools you need to make your community as vibrant and successful as possible. Features such as wallet sign-on, tokenized badges, gated voting, tipping, proposal system, permissionless content access, decentralized identity and peer to peer storage, our goal is to become your go-to DAO community platform.
Forward Looking. Backward Compatible
Metaforo is a modernized community platform. We combine the controls and features from the traditional online forum systems, with a superior user experience similar to Facebook Groups. Metaforo makes it super easy to onboard and convert visitors to long term members, with SEO built on so your community content can still be discovered from the search engines.





By Developers. For Developers

Metaforo backend is built with Metamask, Vue, a Progressive Web App on top of Docker Microservices for incredible scalability. Native mobile app is also available and is built on Flutter.